152: With Dan Denney

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Dan Denney is a front-end dev at Code School and the founder of Front-End Conf.

Dan shared his workflow for sending HTML email, we took a deep dive into Mandrill, discussed our current build processes, how to get a team up to modern development standards, and more.

We talked about (roughly in order):

Q & A:

  • 23:54 What are you using for your build process when developing?
  • 31:49 I work for a large software company and enjoy my work but, we have weekly meetings discussing non-software things. How can I give feedback about these meetings without sounding like a jerk?
  • 40:20 I just landed a gig as a developer at a local marketing agency. From my understanding they have been using back-end developers to develop the front-end of websites. They also use designers with focus in print to create web designs and tackle usability. The designers and developers alike have been resistant to modern web best practices. The phrase “pixel perfect” is often used and it is expected that the final product be a mirror image of the mockup. With experience in UX, mobile, and performance I would like to bring them up to speed in the modern era of web development. Am I fighting a useless battle or do you have some ideas on how I can relate to the entire team to make a shift?
  • 48:57 I have a question about extending WordPress. My client needs a CRM for his non-profit. Would a system built with custom post types and fields get me far enough along this path, or am I better off suggesting he invest in an existing CRM and find some way to integrate it with WordPress?
  • 57:24 My question concerns the registration form for a web app, which I am currently developing. Should I require the user to verify either their email address or their password, or both?


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