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148 With Nathaniel Deal

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Nathaniel Deal

Web // Twitter

Nathaniel is a front end developer at Mailchimp.

Show Description

Nathaniel Deal is a front end developer that works at 352 Inc. in Atlanta. We discuss his custom nerf gun + Arduino setups, developing locally with Codekit, responsive tables, designing for Apple Watch and other small screens, and so much more.

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  • adam

    You guys were talking about displaying a website for a watch. A possible solution would be to just create a stylesheet similar to a print stylesheet that hides all the images and just shows the text.

  • Leonardo Baptista Lopes

    Hey guys, the download link refers back to the post permalink.

    • chriscoyier

      Sorry! fixed.

      • Leonardo Baptista Lopes

        Thanks Chris! Anyway, a good thing about being a webdesigner is using the web inspector 🙂
        Lemme just congratulate and thank you both for the show!

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