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This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but web standards southern gentlemen and hot question and answer madness!

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  • Just a heads up… DDOS = Distributed Denial of Service. Distributed meaning many computers.

  • And Chris, PLEASE stop interrupting Dave when he’s trying to say something. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to hear what he has to say.

  • @Magnus from the last question: you’re my soulmate. I too feel that sublime is not native enough. Atom and brackets don’t even qualify: Non native text field, no thanks. People always look at me strange when i have this complaint about sublime.

    And i have your unicorn: chocolat app

    We have a humble goal: to build the perfect text editor for OS X.
    It should be a native Mac app and take advantage of all the latest features. No crummy ports from Windows, thank you!

    And they succeed with that IMHO. Its well worth the 49$ price tag.

    It supports mostly all the features you list, but a few im not sure about:
    – quick nav: not sure what you mean. If you mean the minimap then no. And the developer has also said he hates the minimap. If you mean the launchbar type thing then: yes, one for files in your project (with fuzzy search) and one for commands
    – tag highlighing: actually, for html, i don’t think so. matching brackets though

    Few of the things i like:
    – ‘native’ OS X out-of-bounds selection / multi-line cursor support, something a lot of people don’t even know exists
    – the interface has all the features you’d want, like a files sidebar, a status bar, a symbols sidebar on the other side, but you don’t have to use them. I like to have a minimal window with my text, line numbers and errors / warnings in the line number gutter. No extra chrome or borders or stuff.
    – Its a proper multi window document based OS X app, with proxy icons and everything else you’d expect
    – the code completion is crazy good imho

    Really hope this comment reaches you, because i feel your pain 🙂

    • Ugh why does this comment truncate at the important part?

      Edit: never mind, figured out why, osx snuck a smart quote into my html.

  • HowdyMcGee

    @49:00 – The main problem with allowing all tags into the editor that WordPress wouldn’t know which tags to run and which tags to escape. I feel like you would have to explicitly tell WordPress which tags are O.K. to run ( HTML tags ) and which tags to escape / show as text ( script or PHP ) – otherwise if your website was compromised somebody could just post malicious scripts that would just run whenever the post was published. You could something like this to extend the allowed tags into your editor ( ) – you could probably go further and show script tags as text but it would look funny if not in a code block.

    • chriscoyier

      It’s not actually about what tags are allowed or not. Once Markdown has processed on a block of text that has been designated as code, that code is escaped. Escaped code isn’t dangerous anymore, so anything should be allowed. THEN the stripping should run, on HTML that is left there. Unfortunately it happens in the opposite order (as far as I can tell).

  • adam

    You were talking about passwords/hacking. Here’s a good tool to see how secure your password is.

  • Anil Sahu

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