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142 With Rachel Smith

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Rachel Smith

Web // Twitter

Rachel is a web developer at CodePen.

Show Description

This week we're joined by Rachel Smith. Rachel is currently doing animation/motion design for the web at Active Theory.

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  • Jeff Gnatek

    you should post a link for the part dave mentioned about not using offsets for things like sticky headers, i found that really useful.

  • Stacy Kvernmo

    You can build native Android and iOS apps with AppPresser if you have a site in WordPress:

  • re: photoshop it was mostly a throw back from the old bitmap days, slicing graphics and stuff, photoshop is bitmap based, indesign design is purely print and uses points and 300 dpi. Illustrator is good but the current trend is leaning towards Fireworks and it is picking up fast because you can do most of the stuff illustrator can with vectors and also the stuff indesign can do with pages and master templates

    • asecondwill

      really? Fireworks? Adobe have dropped it. If you are that way inclined, check out sketch.

      • True they are, that’s a shame. That should be the Adobe slogan. “Adobe, that’s a shame :(”

        I’ll trek on with my cs4 till the cows come home nevertheless.

        I agree sketch is a good product but its hard to share designs with different designers who don’t use it.

  • asecondwill

    More on Ionic would be awesome. I’ve had a play around and it’s pretty good. I had previously banged my head against ruby motion but Ionic just seems better placed for me. It combines angular JS with a phone orientated css framework & some cool tools etc. Get them on the show!

  • thebigkick

    If you are interested in D3.js there is another layer of abstraction that sits on to of D3.js and makes it a little easier to use called C3.js.

    I used it in my latest project, a company analytics dashboard.

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