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This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but hot question and action action!

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  • awesomephant


  • Robert Khayat

    Thank you for changing the sound, however could you equalize the sound so the effects aren’t much louder than your podcast? I would greatly appreciate that!

  • Paweł

    Advice to get a Mac to open sketch documents is not really an advice. Note that many ppl that are making web are not only designers but also developers. And for developers it’s more complicated where it comes to platform that they use. Imagine that dev that sticks with ASP and C# is provided with a sketch file. So he have to use two operating systems? Not really an option. We still have two hands and keyboards require both of them. I don’t really see any issue with asking client to export sketch document to some other format. On other hand it would be really good if makers of sketch would make a port for win or linux.

  • Just wanted to say that Browser-Sync has been a life saver for me. Left livereload in the dust 6month ago and haven’t looked back. It’s much easier to setup than livereload, and works great from within grunt, gulp, or just plain ole’ command line. The “files” option will let you “watch” any set of defined files and do reloads for you. Sure you get the added benefit of “syncing” your actions across browsers, but even for just everyday stubbing something out with only one browser open this is a must have tool!

  • The new sound effect is lame. You should use this one!

  • adam
  • Another reason for leaving the Mac platform is maintenance costs and downtime. If you live in the US it’s all good. But try getting a Mac repaired in most foreign countries. No warranty support so your AppleCare is wasted. No $250 mail-in repair. Heavy import/export fees if you did figure out how to ship something. No Apple stores and/or genius bars. All of this adds up to WEEKS where you won’t have your computer. That’s an income-killer.

    So I use a PC laptop. PC’s and their accompanying repair/service/parts are ubiquitous. I saved 50-60% on the initial purchase, another 10-15% on the AppleCare. I can have fast repairs and pay cash and still come out ahead. Hell, I can buy a NEW laptop and come out ahead! And I can probably keep my downtime to something like 24 hours.

    After all, one of the reasons I do ‘freelance’ web dev work is to be location-independent. I’ve seen plenty of my fellow digital nomads with Macs, but after both of our MacBook Airs required logic board replacements in 2012-13 the flaw in our plan was exposed. $850 + downtime in Mexico. After we flew back to the States (planned trip) it was a $250 mail-in, which turned into $0 after a customer service snafu. Again, if I was Stateside I’d keep ’em. But in Mexico I’m all PC.

    Which leaves me Sketchless…

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