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130 Rapidfire 35

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Show Description

This week it's another RAPIDFIRE! Nothing but the best darn question and answer action you've ever heard!

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  • Dave and Chris Keep up the great work. Always enjoy the show.
    I like your guest interviews the most!

    It would be great to hear Rapidfire episodes focusing on 1 general topic. most often these episodes are based on random questions that leaves very little structure to these particular episodes.

    Organizing the rapidfire episodes questions into groups like: rapid-frontend, rapid-backend and …how to fix squeaky ball joints questions.

    • Dave Rupert

      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, Derry.

  • soopafly

    Love the show, but PLEASE watch the audio levels on the soundFX. Listening with headphones, the treble on the soundfx are ear piercing.

  • Eric Cavazos

    Target Blank – hmm I used it heavy on my project ( ) to fix the problem of people selecting Sparq build preferences then losing their selections – After listening to you guys, made me wonder if I used it appropriately. I think I did.

  • brendenden

    I love this show, never commented before and I feel bad that this is my first comment, but it doesn’t seem like your auto target=”_blank” script (as mentioned at about 52:40) is working on this page… 🙁

    • Nick Spiel

      Yeah, like the smartarse that I am, I tested it too and was taken away from the page and had to come back and find my spot again.

      That’ll learn me!

    • chriscoyier

      We’ll have to look into it when we rejigger this site soon, thanks for the heads up.

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