130: Rapidfire 35

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This week it’s another RAPIDFIRE! Nothing but the best darn question and answer action you’ve ever heard!

We talked about (roughly in order):

Q & A:

  • 3:45 I need a responsive image solution for a redesign of a website running on the (.NET) Episerver CMS. What responsive image solution would you use under these constraints?
  • 8:18 I’ve built a whole range of different sites now on WordPress and in each case I’ve felt that once I push the site live, the load time is sluggish. How do you approach this problem and what kinds of resources are out there to help?
  • 13:50 Any tips for avoiding merge conflicts in the compiled .css file when working in teams? Should I even push compiled CSS to the repository, or should this be one person’s responsibility?
  • 17:13 What software do you guys recommend when testing websites through a screen reader or text-based browser?
  • 23:11 I’ve seen a few tutorials online using Adobe Edge Animate to create CSS animations. Is it something that needs to be learned or looked into if I already have working knowledge of CSS3 animations and transforms?
  • 28:15 I am trying to dig into Sass/SCSS, preprocessors and have learned a lot already about using command line with Grunt.js and Compass, but I’m wondering if CodeKit would just be a simpler and easier thing to learn first?
  • 32:10 What are some best practices when using tabindex?
  • 38:06 Where would you recommend a young web designer start off? Let’s say they know html and css and are looking to learn more or kick of their career, what would you recommend?
  • 41:10 I know there is a performance hit for every new font that gets loaded, but once I have loaded a font, is there a performance hit based on how much text on the page is being rendered? My boss likes to use the web font for the H tags and then use fallback web safe fonts for body copy, is this necessary?
  • 45:05 I used to use my main email address for all my accounts, and shortly after an attack on a certain famous tech company, I received huge waves of spam that I have been struggling to get rid of. How do you guys handle your email accounts?
  • 49:08 I’ve got a bone to pick with links and a seemingly odd trend of not adding target="_blank". My question to you is, “What’s up with that?”
  • 54:00 If you export an adobe illustrator AI file to SVG, you can choose to save the layers as meta data in the SVG file. What’s even more interesting is you can then target those layers with css and jquery. Essentially you can traverse the Illustrator layer stack in an SVG file and add things like hover events which change the layer color via css. Here’s a tutorial on the subject which goes into greater detail.


  • 21:02 E4H: Accessibility Summit – Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web’s most notable experts in and for an all-new, two-day online conference, the Accessibility Summit 2014! Bring the experts to your desktop September 9-10, 2014 from 9AM to 4PM (CT).

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  • 39:13 Adobe – Check out Project Parfait: it’s a really nice way to extract everything you need from a PSD – in your browser!

    Also, take a look at the Edge Animate CC updates: some sweet new features like copy/paste SVG art from Illustrator.

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  • Dave and Chris Keep up the great work. Always enjoy the show.
    I like your guest interviews the most!

    It would be great to hear Rapidfire episodes focusing on 1 general topic. most often these episodes are based on random questions that leaves very little structure to these particular episodes.

    Organizing the rapidfire episodes questions into groups like: rapid-frontend, rapid-backend and …how to fix squeaky ball joints questions.

    • Dave Rupert

      Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, Derry.

  • soopafly

    Love the show, but PLEASE watch the audio levels on the soundFX. Listening with headphones, the treble on the soundfx are ear piercing.

  • Eric Cavazos

    Target Blank – hmm I used it heavy on my project ( http://codelabs.io/sparq ) to fix the problem of people selecting Sparq build preferences then losing their selections – After listening to you guys, made me wonder if I used it appropriately. I think I did.

  • brendenden

    I love this show, never commented before and I feel bad that this is my first comment, but it doesn’t seem like your auto target=”_blank” script (as mentioned at about 52:40) is working on this page… šŸ™

    • Nick Spiel

      Yeah, like the smartarse that I am, I tested it too and was taken away from the page and had to come back and find my spot again.

      That’ll learn me!

    • chriscoyier

      We’ll have to look into it when we rejigger this site soon, thanks for the heads up.