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126 With Fabio Carneiro

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Fabio Carneiro

Web // Twitter

Fabio leads the front end team at Mailchimp.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Fabio Carneiro. Fabio is an Email & User Experience Designer at MailChimp, where he designs and develops versatile, responsive html emails for over 4 million users.

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  • deconai

    Thanks for tackling my question, guys!

    Chris, you’re correct that it would be easier to just type the email up by hand, but I’m trying to flex some app-building muscles. I’m currently hand-editing a JSON file that’s pulled into a Handlebars template that I then copy and paste into Outlook. It’s horrible, I know, but it’s a work in progress.

    This is actually a smaller part of a bigger application I’m planning, and I’m looking at building it with Ruby on Rails. I’ve got some product architecture I’ve been working on, and I think it’s the best way to get introduced to that library.

    Anyway, the RSS to email feature sounds very intriguing, and I’ll definitely check into it. Thanks again!

    • davidhemphill

      Hey! I’ve been working on a web app that sends status updates daily as a digest. If you would like to maybe test it out, let’s get in touch.

      • deconai

        Sounds interesting.

        I’m not sure about when it would be in any kind of state to test out, but I appreciate the offer. Right now, I’m a noob in terms of backend development, and this app is really meant as a learning exercise more than anything.

        I began building it with Javascript, but I quickly got lost. I know that RoR has a strong MVC workflow, and I figured that I might learn a thing or two about OO programming just by using it.

  • You might be talking about the Roadie Gem that inlines the CSS for you. That’s what we use at IZEA.

  • Not sure I agree with “most devs use Apple”. Lots do (especially front end devs), but when you get into backend dev and corporate apps, I’d say Windows wins out. (I’m one of them)

    ¡Viva la Windows!

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