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This week it's another Rapid Fire!!! Nothing but the best darn question and answer action you've ever heard!

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  • Great talk. This was my first listen and I plan to keep checking it out. Thanks.

  • g_mena

    Great episode. Really enjoyed the discussion of picture element and the terminology changes. “Blasts” not posts…funny stuff.

  • Ralph Mason

    There’s a nice, reliable way to remove inline-block spacing that usually gets overlooked, which is a pity. Here’s a CodePen demo: But display: table or display: flex is probably a better way to go these days anyhow.

  • zackvbrady

    In regards to the second to last question related to changing terminology. You both mentioned how in a project people may have different sets of terminology. There’s a great approach from the Software development world called Domain-Driven Design ( The idea is that before beginning a project you study the domain (the subject matter behind whatever you are building) to the point where you can create tools to better understand and communicate the logic behind the project. One of the tools would be a terminology list that must stay consistent throughout the entire project. That not only makes it easier to communicate within and between teams but also makes communicating with a client hell of a lot easier.

    A great quick read for it is Domain Driven Design Quickly ( Again, the ideas come more from Software and the Backend world but can be very useful to use on front-end projects.

  • I think that CSS-Hat is a great alternative for Project Parfait as a plugin for Photoshop. Yes it costs money, but if anyone works with projects under non-disclosure agreements like I do all of the time, you don’t have to upload your files to the Adobe Servers and technically break the contract.

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