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This week it's another RAPIDFIRE!!! Nothing but HOT question & answer action.

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  • Dave Rupert

    BRB. Buying a pop filter. So youse guyse don’t need to complain about that. Okay. Cool. Thanks. Ur the best.

  • Openshift is a pretty nice PaaS that is similar to Heroku. The free option works pretty well for testing or hosting small applications (~50,000 visitors per month depending on how your app is built).

  • Ferenc Kamras

    Tip for the first guy… Less can give you some nice features and you don’t need to install anything since it’s compiled by js…

  • Page Speed tells me I can save load time by minifying my HTML, so… Maybe there’s an advantage to it?

  • educsis

    mate, the coupon for blendconf doesnt work :S

  • Guilherme Tramontina

    One thing to keep an eye on when minifying your HTML are the inline elements. Check this codepen ( ) out for an example. The spacing that inline elements get when you break lines in you HTML is something that gets in the way of a lot of people who don’t know/understand this. 🙂

  • John J. Mills

    Just catching up on episodes. I work with a team that uses VisualStudio on Windows. I found a nice SASS compiler called “web workbench” by mindscape. You can download as part of the Visual Studio gallery, and it’s totally local, so won’t create dependencies for the rest of the team:


    I too love to write new blog posts about new technology. I have been using WordPress for about 3 years and there are a lot of ideas I have not been able to get to such as Angular.JS which isn’t really needed in WordPress because you typically manage databases using PHP. I wrote an article about the purpose of when using AngularJS which it depends on someones skill set. As I am experienced with MySQL and PHP I don’t really need to use AngularJS but because of having more experience in “front-end development” It is difficult to avoid when trying to get a new job. It would be nice if more jobs would instead stop creating wish lists.

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