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This week it's another RAPIDFIRE!!! Nothing but HOT question & answer action.

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  • Dave Rupert

    Followup to the first question, just yesterday I came across an Ilya Grigorik post about `async` scripts.

  • There are so many static site generators now. Check out this site for a lot of options.

  • I personally use Pelican ( ) as my ssg( static site generator ) and I finally made this cool wordpress snippet that will generate markdown files from your wordpress post or page.Just pop it into your functions.php and let her rip! Yippee

  • Roger Clough

    the background on this page made me get up and clean my screen vigorously only to say wtf!? It took me a minute to realize, oh he must have searched for dirty repeatable backgrounds. Either your’e a jerk or I am slow.

    • Dave Rupert

      Just being a bunch of jerks. Thanks for stopping by!

  • mindGrinder

    tried to use the coupon for but is not applying the discount at checkout still says $99.00

    • svorass

      Yep – me too. No discount. Bah.

      • @mindgrinder:disqus @svorass:disqus Hey guys! Sorry about the trouble. It should be all fixed now! So please try it again 🙂 If you need anything extra email me directly: teachers @

    • chriscoyier

      I’ll send this over to them and see what the scoop is.

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