118: Rapidfire 30

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This week it’s another RAPIDFIRE!!! Nothing but HOT question & answer action.

We talked about (roughly in order):

Q & A:

  • 1:48 I have a question(s) about loading JS files in a WordPress environment. Is there a rule of thumb for when async should be utilized? If I script is loaded in the footer does ‘async’ not matter as much?
  • 7:50 What software do you two use to create your slides for when you do talks at conferences?
  • 15:50 I have a question about deciding on a development stack. What are some of your recommendations when making these kinds of decisions?
  • 29:12 Why use static site generators? Are there any good tutorials out there for those of us who have never used one before?
  • 34:28 Is there a way to make a line of text fill the width of a parent container as if it were justified?
  • 38:28 In job advertisements I’ve been seeing lately, all of the best jobs have Angular JS listed as one of the requirements. I really love creating websites that work everywhere. The idea of using the latest tech at the expense of accessibility, and progressive enhancement doesn’t sit well with me. How can I keep my career advancing, while maintaining those core beliefs?
  • 43:45 How long does it normally take you guys to build a website from start to finish, for instance microsoft.com or css-tricks.com?


  • 14:00 One Month Rails – Build your first Ruby on Rails web app in just one month. Easy to follow videos with step-by-step instructions. Enrollment is typically $99, but if you join now you’ll get a one time discount of 25% off for joining, so go learn how to make web apps now!

Editor’s note: I actually just bought this and I’m working through it now: it’s awesome! So easy to follow and I love the teacher’s style and the way he breaks everything down into easy to follow along with steps. Highly recommended. – Aaron D.

  • 33:00 Environments for Humans – CSS Dev Conf: the first conference devoted to CSS, the design language of the web, returns for its third year on October 13-15, 2014. This time to New Orleans! Tons of great speakers, including Chris Coyier, Rebecca Murphy, Dan Cedarholm, Estelle Way, Jonathan Snook, Rachal Nabors, and more! Go vote for your favorite talk, and pick up tickets today!

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  • Dave Rupert

    Followup to the first question, just yesterday I came across an Ilya Grigorik post about `async` scripts.


  • There are so many static site generators now. Check out this site for a lot of options. http://www.staticgen.com/

  • I personally use Pelican ( https://github.com/getpelican ) as my ssg( static site generator ) and I finally made this cool wordpress snippet that will generate markdown files from your wordpress post or page.Just pop it into your functions.php and let her rip! Yippee


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