114: Rapidfire 27

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This week it’s another RAPIDFIRE!!! Nothing but HOT question & answer action.

Q & A:

  • 1:53 How do I integrate GitHub into a real web publishing workflow?
  • 6:40 I find typography on the web always looks somehow chunky. That’s why I use the webkit prefixed font-smoothing: antialiased on every project I work on to make it look nice and crisp at least for some users. Is there a major problem with this feature that I’ve missed or any other good reason why developers don’t or shouldn’t use it?
  • 12:15 I’ve been messing around with the new Flexslider 2 Beta, and I wanted to pull photos from Flickr and use it as a responsive photo gallery. However, the layout breaks and has excessive white space when Flexslider tries to account for portrait oriented images. Is there a way to use intrinsic ratios like with FitVids to get rid of the excess white space?
  • 18:30 It seems like with responsive design it’s becoming acceptable to use “foreground images” (images IN the markup) as banner images so that they can be scaled down as the viewport narrows. Is this acceptable now?
  • 22:15 If you use media queries to adjust the body font-size percentage, is there any rule to figuring out the adjustments to the percentage as you go along?
  • 26:24 What do you guys use for Style Guide Generation?
  • 29:00 Do you guys wear pants while recording Shoptalk shows?
  • 29:49 Any thoughts on Condoleezza Rice joining Dropbox?
  • 30:51 Do you know any good javascript techniques to create pdf files?
  • 33:00 Why SCSS over LESS?
  • 36:42 What do you guys think about the difference between a self taught web designer and a designer with a degree?
  • 39:23 What are your thoughts about working for clients vs working on products?
  • 44:07 Do you have any tips about using Codekit and MAMP for local WordPress development?


  • 16:48 lynda.com – The best online learning resource. Check out great courses like: – Google Analytics Tips – Shooting With Blackmagic Cameras (4K) – Revit Construction Modeling Tools Get a free 7 day trial now!
  • 27:49 E4H: Artifact Conf May 5-7 in Austin, Texas and Providence Rhode Island September 29 – October 1: a two day, one-track conference with some of the greatest speakers on the web, including Dave Rupert, Jeremy Keith, Brad Frost, Josh Clark, and more. Use discount code SHOPTALKSHOW for $100 off your ticket (group discounts available).

Show Links:

  • httpJunkie

    I liked the show today because you showcased one of my favorite IDE’s actually it’s the sibling of one of my favorite IDE’s. I use Web Storm which is very much like PHPStorm. I use it for JavaScript Development including Node. It’s one of the best editors for that IMO. I come from a .Net background where Visual Studio was my digs! But let me let you in on a dirty little secret about us IDE guys. We all have a copy of Sublime Text that we use when we want to do some prototyping or quick and easy development. These LES IDE, more Text Editor solutions are great for quick and GOOD Html, CSS & Javascript development! SOme find them to be everything they need. I will always have a favorite IDE though. Good thing about the Jet Brains products are that you can get into a great IDE for $50. That’s huge! Great show!

  • simply_simpy

    I am jumping on the JetBrains bandwagon here too. Awesome IDEs. They anticipate your every move. There is one specific to Ruby: http://www.jetbrains.com/ruby/whatsnew/

  • Matt Sanchez

    I was researching the best way to use an image as a heading and came across this video by Matt Cutts. It’s from 2009, but he says that using an w/ “alt” text is without a doubt the way to go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBLvn_WkDJ4

  • Another thing to keep in mind with web font performance, is that it has quite a notable effect on mobile when you’re not using WIFI.

    There’s a blogpost with side-by-side comparison here http://blog.tagdef.com/2014/04/19/speed-without-webfonts/

    It’s actually a little scary how long some of these websites take to load, and the fact that fonts are loaded by CSS in the header, so it’s a blocking operation. The page will stay entirely hidden until those font files are loaded in.