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109 With Tracy Rotton

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Tracy Rotton

Web // Twitter

Tracy is a front end architect and founder of Taupecat Studios.

Show Description

This week we were joined by web developer, WordPress core contributor, Sass-fan, Tracy Rotton.

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  • Paul Littlewood

    I was with you guys about the Oculus Rift and strapping big things to your face not being the future. However Nick Petit’s interview made me interested enough to look it up. After watching reaction videos on YouTube I’ve completely change my mind. People’s reactions to using it are amazing, they are totally immersed, completely transported into a different reality. You should definitely watch this before dismissing it!

  • Jason Witt

    Hey guys, I asked the question about clients wanting experience in specific themes. Chris was right. I was talking about themes not theme frameworks.

  • Why not use Capistrano WordPress when developing WP sites? Vagrant for consistency when working with a team?

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