102: Rapidfire 23

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This week it’s another RAPIDFIRE!!! We take listener questions and try to answer them as best we can within a 3 minute time constraint.

We talked about (roughly in order):

Q & A:

  • 3:07 HTML email is super fun to design for, so I’m a little surprised that you guys aren’t all about it, and kinda put it down in show 12. The demographic I design for love their email and I’m sure they will until they retire (obviously older crowd, but still relevant).
  • 6:39 How do you know when to scale up and get bigger clients and start charging more? Do I need to look like an agency? Do I need a team?
  • 9:52 In my mind, CMS’s are too often an annoying, unnecessary layer between the developer/designer and the code, making it harder instead of easier to optimize and maintain. What are some good alternatives for sites that aren’t e-commerce or blogs?
  • 16:08 Flexible grid vs multiple fixed width layouts. Pros, cons, love, hate?
  • 21:05 Do you think there will ever come a day when the browser makers agree to standardize so we could not have to worry about putting all the browser prefixes in, then for IE, change how we write it completely? Also if this day ever came, how big would the party be?
  • 25:17 My questions are: 1. Is Code Ignitor a good solution for learning the proper PHP way to import images and data from external sources? 2. What’s the best way to do this without dozens of server requests for each site view? 3. I’m planning on just reformatting the data with CSS. I want to make compelling infographics from the data. Recommendations?
  • 32:37 Are there any really good introductions out there to CSS preprocessors?
  • 36:28 How do you work with Boilerplate?
  • 40:34 Now that Retina is officially coming to the laptop experience, I’m bracing myself for dealing with having to output design and development mockups at twice the resolution. How do you guys streamline production when taking differing scale resolutions?
  • 47:02 Which responsive grid system do you prefer?
  • 50:07 How do you center a responsive website?
  • 55:17 What effect is the template market having on young developers who are trying to go it alone? Is it lowering client cost expectations but raising their deliverable requirement?


  • 13:38 lynda.com The best online learning resource: a huge library of courses covering all kinds of techy topics. Some examples:
    • Design the Web: From Illustrator to HTML5 Canvas
    • Building Confidence
    • Sculpting and Painting a Head in CINEMA 4D
    • Tethered Shooting Fundamentals
    • Visit lynda.com/shoptalk for a free 7 day trial!
  • 30:21 Environments for Humans: Artifact Conf May 5-7, 2014 in Austin, Texas. An amazing list of speakers that includes: Jeremy Keith, Brad Frost, Val Head, Todd Parker, Eileen Webb, and Stephen Hay. Go sign up!

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  • Devin Dombrowski

    I’m sorry I’m going to sound like a troll but you guys really failed on the CodeIgniter question. On that same not, there have not been to many backend devs as guests. You should get Phil Sturgeon or Jeffery Way to talk about php/CodeIgniter/Laravel.

    • chriscoyier

      We’ll try and be better about getting too deep into territory we don’t know, but, ya’know:

      > Shoptalk is a podcast about front end web design

      • Devin Dombrowski

        I understand, sorry for sounding so harsh. Love the show.

    • Pierre

      Just to chime in and hopefully clarify some points. Ellis Labs the creators of CodeIgniter publicly stated they would no longer develop CodeIgniter and handed it off the community. This is after a prolonged and slow decline in development of CodeIgniter. During this time many PHP devs have move to other more modern PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony etc…

      I realize your podcast is about front end dev, but I hope this might help give more context to the reaction. As always love the program and I look forward to it each week.


      Btw here’s the source about code igniter:

  • Guest

    I’m so curious to know why the tendency to write “ignitor” instead of “igniter” 🙂
    I’ve seen this with many people

  • Good show guys, keep up the good work. I can recommend Laravel as an amazing MVC PHP framework, I had the pleasure to play with it, and I use it in my work projects.