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101 With John Resig

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John Resig

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John is a Javascript programmer, author and creator of jQuery.

Show Description

This week we were joined by John Resig. John is the Dean of Computer Science at Khan Academy and the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library. He’s also the author of the books Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja.

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  • joshmantis

    Wow, from about the 20 minute mark till the 30 minute mark, the conversation really ran away from the hosts. I liked the content, but it took an awfully long time for John to get to the point of his story.

    I think the best thing Chris and Dave can do in future interviews is to better manage the guest so that they don’t run away with the show.

    • chriscoyier

      Thanks for the feedback, but this show got an incredible amount of positive reveiws, so my takeaway is that we (I) should shut up more.

      • joshmantis

        No, no, don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode too, my only advice was to maybe help a guest along when they are taking awhile to get to the point. I don’t mean cut them off or rush them or anything.

        Perhaps I was too dramatic in my first comment.

  • delphine elisabeth

    programming in relation to the stuff you already like… what a concept huh!! preach!!

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