098: With Lyza Danger Gardner

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This week we were joined by Lyza Danger Gardner.

We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 27:04 I’m curious to know how we as a community are handling touch events on mobile devices at the moment? Specifically referring to dropdown/fly-out menus. Is there a popular jQuery/JS library you’d recommend?
  • 35:15 Every now and then, my job requires me to code an html email template. I usually have to look online to see what email clients can and can’t handle, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of contradictory answers. Is there a CanIUse.com for emails?
  • 40:05 Is it possible to (and how can one) avoid code redundancy / DRY violations when supporting non-media query browsers like IE8 and below during responsive design implementation?
  • 50:37 Can you explain a bit about what Compass is, how to use it, and what makes it so great?
  • 58:34 What are the benefits of having a responsive design vs a separate mobile site?


  • 24:45 Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting Provider. Plans starting at $5/month, everything is on SSDs, so it’s SUPER FAST. Go get it. Use “SHOPTALK10” for $10 off 2 months.
  • 48:18 InCTRL Conf Orlando, FL, Feb 17-19. Use “SHOPTALK” — it’s good for $100 off. Using that code, it’s early bird prices! Dave will be there talking about awesome stuff you should know about. You should totally go!

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