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097 With Mina Markham

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Mina Markham

Web // Twitter

Mina is a front end developer at Slack.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Mina Markham, a Sass-lovin' designer and developer from Dallas, Texas. She's a Syracuse University alum, part-time freelancer, full-time Parago employee, and soon-to-be Girl Develop It teacher.

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  • asecondwill

    Sass will always be slow Chris?

    • frankstallone

      I am pretty sure Chris’s point was that running via Ruby Sass will always be a bit slow. Way to throw the gauntlet down though?! =)

      • asecondwill

        Ha ha frank. Just pointing out a possible solution the sass guys are working on. Watching my rails app rebuild the sass with ruby is not a whizzy way to build. Hopefully lib sass can save us. <3 sass. : )

        • frankstallone

          I am all about expanding technologies for them to work multiplatform. =D

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