An internet radio show about the internet starring Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier.

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This week, it's another RAPID FIRE!!! Chris and Dave take on listener questions, fast and furious.

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  • nealreal
  • asecondwill

    The plugin Chris mentioned but couldn’t quite remember: maybe? Really good way to get your clients actually using their CMS.

    • chriscoyier

      thank you!

      • Another one is called WP 101 I’ve always found his stuff to the best and most frequently updated for pre-made WordPress tutorials.

  • Little late on this but quick correction:

    Chris is right, text zooming is not a problem with pixels, and you can do this in IE7+. The only browser currently in use that doesn’t support full page zooming is IE6, which is pretty much a non-issue for most devs nowadays.

    But to be more specific about it, you still can’t “increase text size” from IE6 up to at least IE9, which is different from page zooming, the latter of which most people are now familiar with. As for IE10/11, I haven’t tested in those to confirm.

    So again, it’s not at all a problem to use pixels if your only concern is making the text larger. The main issue with pixels is that they don’t have the relative sizing benefits of ems/rems.

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