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091 With Jamison Dance AND Merrick Christensen

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Jamison Dance

Web // Twitter

Jamison is a Javascript Developer and works on React Rally.

Merrick Christensen

Web // Twitter

Merrick is an open web architect at Domo.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Merrick and Jamison from the Javascript Jabber podcast. They are both super awesome at javascript and very handsome.

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  • Pierre

    Two of my favorite pod casts in one show! Really enjoyed this episode, some great discussion. The backgrounds of the two teams complement each other perfectly. Plus there were a few good laughs! Hope you have more crossovers with the JS Jabber team in the future.

    • Kurt Meredith

      I agree 100%. This episode was a great one; I think I’ve listened to it four times now. The discussion on authentication was very helpful.

  • Brandon

    Great Article on password hashing. Walks through all the common mistakes, the techniques you should be using and what attacks you are addressing by using them.

    Has code examples at the bottom for PHP/Java/C#/Ruby.


      I agree! I never would of thought of using a username as a salt when keeping your passwords safe. Great podcast!

  • Grey Vaisius

    There is a really good talk by Jake Archibald that I can’t seem to track down about Offline first that explains it a bit better. I believe the just of it is, your application can cache and use certain subsets of data without first hitting a server, this makes the app feel quicker to load and can remain useful with or without an internet connection.

    Think the native Twitter app, it remains functional without an internet connection (albeit with more limited functionality).

    This is a decent article on the matter:

  • Kurt Meredith

    Chris, I am eagerly awaiting a blog post on your NextDesk. I have been thinking about getting a standing desk too, and would love to get your review. They look really sweet.

  • Coert Grobbelaar

    Hey guys! I can’t seem to get this episode to play. Any ideas?

    • Coert Grobbelaar

      It plays now! Good things happened 😀

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