090: With Pamela Fox

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This week we were joined by Pamela Fox, a web developer and educator currently working at Khan Academy.

We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 14:54 I’m sold on GIT and have used it locally on my machine. How can I go about deployment without paying for a service?
  • 22:20 What is your preferred UI & Backend workflow when developing web apps for clients? Do you use pre-made libraries, or do you developed your own UI & backend?
  • 32:07 I’m an ad copywriter looking to make the switch to front-end development. Do you have any tips on finding work that requires less formal experience?
  • 37:22 I’ve recently discovered the magic behind Bootstrap. I’m on Rails 3.2 but can’t seem to figure out a good tutorial or method for importing that theme into the asset pipeline, etc. Any advice?
  • 46:25 How do you guys approach mobile first and responsive design?
  • 56:00 I’m going to be interviewed for a front end dev job. If you were going to hire me, what questions would you ask? What level of CSS and JavaScript should I have?


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  • 44:44 Environments For Humans – Javescript Summit It’s 3 days of Javascript covering jQuery UI/Mobile, Backbone.js, HTML5 APIs, Grunt, prototyping with Node, AngularJS.

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