088: With Scott Jehl

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This week we were joined by Scott Jehl, a progressive enhancer at Filament Group. We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A:

  • 24:30 I want to use a ‘mobile first’ approach, but the client wants to see the desktop version first. How would you solve this little problem?
  • 31:14 I’m trying to understand Javascript templating. I’ve heard of Mustache/Handlebars, but not sure how it’s implemented. What are the pros/cons of it?
  • 42:58 I manage an established, spaghetti-coded academic department website. A redesign is on its way but the menu is still hover based. I needed a quick, temporary fix.
  • 51:43 My question is about vanilla javascript performance and libraries. What if you already have jQuery running, should you still write as much as possible in plain javascript?


  • 23:10 lynda.com
    • Over 2,000 courses, with new courses added daily
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  • 40:09 Enviornments for Humans – Artifact Conf November 4-6 in Providence, RI. A fantastic 2 day, single track conference about front end. The theme is “Multi-Device World”. Some great workshops:
    • Build Responsively by Ben Callahan
    • Sass for Beginners by Matt Griffen
    • CSS Animation by Val Head
    • Responsive Designer Patterns by Brad Frost
    • Use the discount code SHOPTALK for $100 off your ticket.

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