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It's time for another RAPIDFIRE! No news, no drama, just lots of question and answer action.

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  • dougoftheabaci

    Just a note on the file-upload stuff, it’s not true that clicking anywhere will spawn the dialogue in every browser. I did a whole bunch of testing on this when we wanted to do a single-button upload field on Kongregate.

    We ran into the issue where some browsers would only spawn a dialogue if you hit the button itself where hitting the text box would just allow you to type. I think it was an issue with earlier versions of IE and some instances of Firefox (though don’t quote me, this was a while ago).

    We also couldn’t just set the width and do a background image as it would resize in odd and uncontrollable ways in the various browsers. We did try having the ‘button’ actually be a label associated with a hidden upload field, but that didn’t work and it sounds like it was due to security reasons.

    The solution we settled on that worked across everything (though probably not mobile for obvious reasons) was to absolutely position file-upload field and then use JS to have it position itself under the mouse and then follow it, but only while hovered over a specific element.

    It relies on JS but in order to get this particular form you have to go through JS anyway (and it’s accessible elsewhere on the site via a standard file-upload field).

  • Thomas Dobber
  • Re: Chris’ history in school:
    I was in an “Interactive Media” vocational program in high school and I had the same experience. The most interactive thing we did was learn to make a gif in Photoshop.
    …I graduated high school in 2010.
    When I transferred my career-tech credits to community college, they all went toward a graphic design degree, where my instructors all said the same thing Chris’ did. Total bummer.

  • Alen Abdula

    Check out HTML5 Outliner extension by Dominykas Blyžė

    Great talk.

  • You should do a video episode for 100

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