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078 With Rick Blalock

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Rick Blalock

Web // Twitter

Rick is a web developer at IBM.

Show Description

This week we were joined by mobile architect Rick Blalock. Rick currently works at Appcelerator, a framework for building out native applications in Javascript. Rick also knows quite a bit about Joomla.

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  • Rick says (At 17:05) that he doesn’t know wether it’s true or not that the only advancements making JS faster is Hardware.

    Sencha busts that myth in #2 on 5 Myths About Mobile Web Performance. In fact, they state that 50% of mobile JS performance gains over the last 4 years has come from software improvements – so at least that’s not true.

    And, by the way, this is such a silly claim to make by Drew Crawford. Even if performance was tied to hardware only, what about new technologies like Web Workers that tacke the problem from an entirely different angle? Or the fact that we’re doing more and more animations with CSS now which, because of that, are often hardware accellerated?

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