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This week it's another RAPIDFIRE!

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  • You’f

    It is vim nerdy 😛 I wrote about it a few months ago here: Note that it doesn’t come with the emmet/zencoding version for vim – it’s part of a “bigger” native feature that works for all kinds of brackets, quotation marks, spaces…

  • Jeff Beam

    Chris, re: why XHTML 1,0 Strict is is all stricty like JavaScript but HTML5 is not – at the core, it’s because XHTML is SGML compliant (like HTML 4.01 and XML) and HTML5 is not. As far as this guy’s questions, yeah I agree – as long as he doesn’t have to be using XHTML for some reason (client?), then he should just switch to HTML5, the water is fine…

  • Josh Dean

    Here’s a test case for blurry SVG background images in Firefox: Thanks for addressing my question on the show! You guys do a great job.

    • chriscoyier

      I added it to a Bugzilla bug so at least there is some record of it for them.

      • Josh Dean

        Nice, thanks Chris.

    • dsongman

      Can’t remember where I found the solution to this. For some reason Firefox draws the SVG at the size (width & height) indicated in the svg tag itself and then scales it up or down like a bitmap image. Until they fix the bug, you can make your art board (in Illustrator parlance) at least the maximum size the image will render so that Firefox will size the image down (ie, acceptable failure).

      I just did a quick an dirty edit of your file: grabbed your svg, dropped it into illustrator, resized the art so it was 448px tall and hit Object->Artboards->Fit to Selected Art and saved out as an SVG. (The resize threw some things out of proportion, but that doesn’t matter for our purpose.)

      Not blurry in Firefox:

      • Josh Dean

        Thanks, dsongman. I’ve done that before, and have also set the width and height to 100% (which works sometimes). It’s just unfortunate that it requires something like that. It kind of takes away the whole purpose of an SVG, which is unknown scalability.

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