071: RAPIDFIRE #17

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This week we have a special RAPIDFIRE episode for you! We’re gonna answer as many of your questions as possible, as best as we can (in three minutes or less)! We talked about (roughly in order):

  • 2:50 I’m trying to think about mobile first. Is serving HTML content through JavaScript bad? Can I serve HTML images through CSS backgrounds?
  • 6:54 SCSS feels complicated, and LESS seems to be enough for me. Why SCSS and not LESS?
  • 10:31 Any way to avoid using PNG fallbacks for SVG images?
  • 13:40 What do you think about the List Apart re-design and the drastic navigation change?
  • 18:50 I’m getting tons of spam comments on my WordPress sites. Can you recommend third party comment systems like Discus?
  • 24:15 How can I convert long-hand CSS into short-hand CSS and minify the code?
  • 27:18 How much of a difference do the servers have on website response time?
  • 31:10 I’m a 16 year old designer/dev, is college worth the money?
  • 34:34 Do you have a rule of thumb for using base64 and data URI images in your CSS?
  • 37:00 What do you think about HTML5 Video?
  • 42:15 What plugins do you use for common UI elements?
  • 45:40 What are your thoughts about social media icons? Can I use my own custom icons?
  • 48:17 How do you decide which tool to use to make a background? Should I use Photoshop, or CSS instead?
  • 52:12 Is there a way to have a fluid width pseudo element image?
  • 53:47 What do you think about having a video playing in the background of my site (in terms of UX)?


  • 22:30 Front End Masters Online learning for front end web developers.
  • 40:35 Environments for Humans – The CSS Summit is an online conference focused totally on CSS July 23–25. Three full days of training, advanced topics, and preprocessors. Coupon code SHOPTALK is good for 20% off.

Other Links

  • Basti

    Twitter are kinda strickt about using their logo: https://twitter.com/logo

    But, they probably won’t sue you.

    • Lisa C

      Yes, I was working on a website for a somewhat popular coin operated game and we were not following their brand guidelines. They contacted us and asked us to fix it. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t changed it though.

  • IntenseDebate isn’t built into Jetpack. The module in Jetpack just prettify up your comment form and adds social media login options. Automattic hasn’t done much with IntenseDebate for a while. http://wpdaily.co/intensedebate-war/

  • wow. I was always wondering how disqus have a link saying (disqus taking much time to load?) and if you click it the page refresh and the comments are shown. I was always: WTF??? How is that possible? I never knew they were saving comments in WP database. Probably cause I never used WP 🙂

  • I think the nav is only that way on the homepage of A List Apart. Interior pages have the menu at the top of the page.