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070 With Hampton Catlin

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Hampton Catlin

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Hampton is the creator of Haml, Sass and CEO of Wordset.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Hampton Catlin. Hampton is the inventor of Sass and Haml, the original creator of Wikipedia Mobile, and several successful iPhone applications including Dictionary! Hampton is currently building crazy new technologies to mobilize the web at Moovweb. We talked about (roughly in order):

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  • Christian

    Great show guys, as usual! I’m glad we LESS people can coexist with SASS people well into the future. Since I’m primarily design, I don’t use Ruby or the command line very much, so it was nice to still be able to use a preprocessor. Other technologies that have two versions usually have a rivalry and one of them dies. Let’s hope it’s not the same case here.

  • Carlito

    Gif or Jif? Giraffe is Jiraffe. I find it fascinating the subject matter some of us devote to fighting for, especially when it comes to pronunciation in the English language. One thing I’ve learned is that English, unlike Spanish, is anything but consistent. In Spanish, whenever “g” comes before “i” or “e”, it is pronounced like “h” in “hot”. Everything else is a hard “g”. There’s no arguing about it. In English, one cannot be sure.

    Now let’s spend some time arguing about less trivial things, like solving world hunger … or at least our user’s problems.

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