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067 With Pam Selle

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Pam Selle

Web // Twitter

Pam is a software engineer, speaker and author

Show Description

This week we were joined by Pam Selle, a full stack developer in many languages and all around hacker from Philly. Pam works at AxisPhilly, teaches for GirlDevelopIt, and blogs at The Webivore. We talk about (roughly in order):

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Time Jumps


  • Do you guys fix cars? Ha ha!

  • keithwyland

    I have a thing on my thing… 😉

  • Typo! AxisPhilly not Axix Phily 🙂

  • echozone

    The CSS Summit coupon code gives 20% rather than 25% when entered on an order.

    • Fixed the post. Sorry if that caused any confusion!

  • Jason Witt

    Here’s a CSS reset/normalize mix I made that I’ve been pretty successful with.

  • aussiechris

    Thanks Dave for getting me to laugh my head off! when you did the aussie accent 😀
    – Chris, Melbourne, AU

  • Surprise! Normalize is avaliable as a set of Sass partials, bundled in a Compass extension

    Just install it with gem install compass-normalize and then add @import 'normalize'; in your Sass files

  • kcw

    Great show, fellas.

    more uzi!

  • Thanks for making fun of my accent for like twenty minutes!

  • So about the hadouken….. anyone make any progress????

  • astrozip

    Hadouken! We need this, soon. EPIC!

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