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Another classic RAPIDFIRE! No guests, no drama, no news, just all redhot question on answer action.

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  • Thanks for the great podcast. I’m interested in creating a completely mobile site with a, however would this require two data bases for each version?
    Thanks in advance

    • Generally speaking, no, you wouldn’t need to have two databases. Databases on servers aren’t linked to domains so you can run a desktop site on the SLD and a mobile site on the subdomain ‘m’ using the same database without any problems.

    • What Tyler said, but I’d add that if you have a bunch of markup in your database, say from a WYSIWYG editor (e.g., “”) that will probably cause problems, so you’ll have to sanitize the output before you render it in your m-dot. Ideally your database is just content, not markup.

  • For those looking for a JavaScript concatenation tool that’s simpler than Grunt or Require, I discovered a new one called Adhesive on GitHub a few weeks back. It runs on Node so it will work just as well on Windows, Mac or Linux.


  • Jason Witt

    Another JavaScript concatenation tool you can use is a ruby gem file watcher call Guard. It can also has extentions for Sass/Compass, compress, livereload, and a bunch more.

    For the sublime text question about frameworks. There’s a package called Fetch that allows you to pull files from a URL and puts it in any directory, so you can set up a github repo with the files of a framework and pull it into you projects with a couple of key strokes.

  • David Hughes

    Was very glad to hear what you had to say about SEO, in particular that it is very misguided of people to think that they are going to outsmart Google. However, I always have trouble explaining to customers – and potential customers – that it doesn’t work like that. A lot of the time, being told that getting to the top of Google in a few short days is unrealistic and that the best way of getting good search rankings is to create a website with good content really isn’t what they want to hear.

  • To grant some of the wishes on your list for “Is it better to have one stylesheet with media queries in it or split it up into different stylesheets?”:

    You can use Sass to output one stylesheet that contains your styles with all of your media queries and a separate stylesheet that contains no media queries but does contain some of the rules you’ve set inside your media queries. See Breakpoint’s no-queries or Jacket’s mini media query fallback mixin on

    You can also use Jacket to create multiple complete stylesheets that only contain progressively enhanced or gracefully degraded rules. Check em out!

  • Russell Hill

    tuts+ has a free series of videos on getting the best out of Sublime Text 2 including this one on using Github Gists directly within Sublime:

  • Damon Bauer

    “What do you use to concatenate JavaScript files before production on Windows?”

    I’ve used Cassette ( in the past to do JS concat + minify + bundling + etc with great success in the past.

    The benefit I found was that I can keep everything separated, un-minified and commented on dev, and with one change of the web.config (debug=”true” to debug=”false”), it combines & minifies everything I tell it to. Works with stylesheets, LESS, SASS, HTML Templating & CoffeeScript as well!

  • ben

    i use textexpander on mac for code snippet, its ace! and can extend to anywhere you use text, not just IDEs / code editors

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