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Another RAPIDFIRE episode where Dave and Chris answer as many questions as possible. No guests, no news, no drama, just all question on answer action. This time they set a timer so no answer may exceed 3 minutes!

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  • In regards to the Google Analytics question, I’ve been using GoSquared:
    I know that GA is great (and free) but I think that GA throws a ton of info at the user that almost seems too overbearing and becomes a little intimidating. GoSquared cuts it down and dishes out awesome analytics in a really nice UI. The downside is that there is a cost associated with it if you want more “stuff”, but I’ve been using the free account and I really like it. Anyways, that my 2cents.

  • Hey dudes – great show! I personally don’t mind when you guys spend 15 minutes talking about a single question – sometimes it’s cool to hear you guys go that deep into it (depending on whether I know what you’re talking about or not), but I will say that it’s pretty nice that you are able to hit so many questions by using the 3 minute time limit. I would have liked to hear more on some, so maybe play around with time? maybe 4 minutes? Either way it’s good – keep killing it!

  • On the visual studio for ms they have Express Editions that are for free that are very robust. 2012 VS is very nice with HTML,JS, CSS intellisense. Love the show! Keep up the good work!

  • andymcfee

    On going from a 4 space project (in Sublime anyway):

    Convert to Indentation to Tabs > Tab Width: 2 > Convert Indentation to Spaces.


    On your format tweak: I liked the idea of the 3 minute timer, but maybe allow yourselves to continue on a question if you’re really on fire. Cut the question off if you’ve really answered the question, but if it’s sparked an interesting discussion, maybe restart the timer for another 3 minutes or something. These insights are some of the best elements of your show! Great show!

  • Justin Parker

    found this after listening to your show:

    jQuery CSV to Table reads in CSV or TSV data (both can be saved from Excel) and generates an HTML table:

  • Oscar

    I prefer the faster format. Thanks!

  • I enjoyed the format. Certain topics can dive into rabbit holes. dang

  • Eric Masiello

    Chris, was this the CSS Tricks screen cast you were referring to regarding WordPress/Ajax

  • Darin Roman

    I was also looking for some modern code examples to AJAXify my WordPress themes.The pjax jQuery plugin that Dave mentioned is available as a WordPress plugin:


    pjax jQuery plugin:

  • Love the 3 minute format. Maybe add 1 wild card each to extend an answer by 1 minute.

    • Jason Neel

      The sounds of Dave’s frustration at the buzzer are worth it.

  • I got inspired to make a tiny csv element polyfill.

  • drwxrxrx

    On editors: the only one I could stand using on Windows is Programmers Notepad:

    It’s the only free editor with excellent regex support in find/replace.

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