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061 With Alex Sexton

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Alex Sexton

Web // Twitter

Alex is a front-end infrastructure engineer at Stripe.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Alex Sexton, a JavaScript developer for BazaarVoice, ex-yayQuery star, Modernizr team member, YepNope inventor, TXJS organizer, and essentially the world's best loved ginger. We talked about (roughly in order):

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  • Nice talk guys but I am disappointed that you weren’t able to read my “Disappointed with javascript” question.

  • UI gripe: I hate timelines that don’t stretch the full width of the window. I miss something, and so I try to move back 15sec, but I go back 2 minutes, because the duration is so long. To get full control of the scrubber I need to wait for the full download and open into a fullwidth player. Harder to code with your two column layout, I realize. Still. Just sayin’.

    • Amen. This drives me crazy, too.

    • chriscoyier

      I agree that would be a good design change.

    • Mads Hensel

      Agree, I was just testing the on my iPhone since I have to zoom in to get the scrub, timecode visible. But if I inspect and change the (audio#main-audio) to width: 100%, it shows the scrub and time codes. I get’s 200px width from the UA.

      Edit: I know it’s a old thread to comment on, but it seem stil being valid, in my case at least.


    Creating time links to jump straight to questions – LOVE THIS!

  • A thought regarding calling jquery from Google’s CDN… Is this another one of those things that Google uses to snoop the internet and index pages? Could Google be collecting info about the popularity of your particular page that calls Google’s jquery file? Would more meaningful indexing/ranking be an incentive to use Google’s jquery file? ( )

  • I really enjoyed this show! I loved how Alex was in on every topic and sometimes drove the topics with his knowledge of the hot drama. It is always fun to hear an episode where the guest is just in tuned with the topics as the host!

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