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059 With Lara Hogan

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Lara Hogan

Web // Twitter

Lara is the engineering director at Etsy and author of Demystifying Public Speaking, and Designing for Performance.

Show Description

This week we were joined by Lara Hogan, formerly UX manager at Dyn and now a manager of mobile web at Etsy. Lara has long been a champion of web performance, UX, and being a good front end developer. We talk about (roughly in order):

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  • mulegoat

    Great show and awesome guest. Loved the bit on problem solving and interviewing. Although I was a little disappointed there were no sfx lifted from Dumb & Dumber…’Sammy, Sanny, Swammy’ ??

  • Basti

    If I’m not mistaking, Google Pixel has it’s own display. Not retina. It’s also a little higher in pixel density.

    • Ah. I was kinda thinking “retina” was just a tech term referring to the fact that the human eye can’t make out the pixels. But it does seem like Apple is trying to trademark it.

  • I want to mention during this episode a question concerning how to test responsive sites for ios devices came up and I would like to share my approach.
    I personally use xcode simulator on mac osx and my tablet pc to test for ie.

    Before i would visit a nearby best buy to test on their ios devices and ask friends with ios to tell me what they saw when visiting my dev Not very practical.

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