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054 With Stephanie Rewis

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Stephanie Rewis

Web // Twitter

Stephanie is a principal developer, design systems at Salesforce.

Show Description

Stephanie Rewis is a front end engineer who was a speaker, trainer, and builder all simultaneously for many many years and is now the VP of front end at a not yet launched CRM startup. We talk about (roughly in order):

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Time Jumps

  • Navigation in Lists?
  • Do you use CSS3 selectors? (not just properties)
  • Is inline-block better than floats?
  • Concerning animations and techy graphic formats like SVG and Canvas, is the line between developer and designer blurring even more?
  • Does the advice for young folks getting into the industry apply to those north of 35?
  • Is node or backbone a logical follow up learning choice to HTML/CSS/JS?


  • This episode was an encouraging message. Even though I have been trying to prepare for this year for a long time, it’s still scary to change your whole career path.

    • Everything we do that matters will always be scary at first John. Best of luck!

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