047: with Tim Smith

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This week we were joined by Tim Smith, a designer doing both freelance work and in-house design work as well as soon-to-be magazine publisher. This is a crossover episode, as both Dave and Chris have been on Tim’s excellent podcast The East Wing. We talk about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • Should browsers natively support CSS preprocessor syntax?
  • Websites are getting fat. What can we do?
  • Is there tech we can use to help with HIPAA compliance?
  • Should there / can there be print buttons on mobile websites?
  • How does Tim keep on keeping on?


More Tim

  • Ryan Boone

    Thanks for answering my HIPPA question. Yeah, you guys pretty much confirmed what I was thinking. Thanks Andy Clarke. 😛

    Seriously, though, you’ve given me a good idea on how to approach my client’s request. Thanks guys!