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This is a classic RAPIDFIRE episode. No guests, no drama, no news, just straight question on answer action. We talk about (roughly in order):

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  • Martin Ansty

    Is anyone else not able to listen to this episode? I can download the mp3 but it wont stream in my browser (Chrome 23, Windows)

  • Leonardo Baptista Lopes

    I’m a coder/designer (more of a designer, but…) and I have what maybe is a better insight about designers and developers working toghether, that may address some of your concerns, as I have had them in the past.

    I think that everybody that works with someone else must have a clue about their possibilities and limitations. As a designer, I am “obliged” to be creative and not let me mown my own creativity because of what I “can’t” do. I have to push further.

    At the same time, I can’ push too far as to the point where the developer just won’t be able to do. The thing is: I have to try to be as creative as I can be, push the limits, but I have to be able to listen to the developer and understand when he tells me that’s hard to do (let’s leave the “impossible” out of it). I have to understand his limitations and he has to understand my mission, so we can negotiate.

    In the other hand, having a clue about what the developer can or cannot do gives me the power to reject some lame excuses that may arise (the not-so-impossible-impossible).

    I hope I could be useful to that matter.

    BTW, keep up the good work!

  • A good place to use target=”_blank” is show note links 😉 I like the way 5by5 offer a checkbox to open show note links in a new tab.

  • There can be some issues with browser/PHP communication.
    For example when uploading files some browsers (i.e. IE) can send different MIME types for PNG, PDF or ZIP files. So if you sniffed the content that Firefox sent and only used that in your code the upload could fail in IE.

    And I’m not sure, but I thought IE could sometimes choke on a bad response (e.g. a BOM in UTF8) where other browsers wouldn’t.

  • Thomas Higginbotham

    Here’s another example of a cross browser issue with PHP. When using an input with a type of image and let’s say a name of “test”, the posted keys will be “test_x” and “test_y”. But some browsers will also post “test” (which appears to make sense intuitively). If you assume that just the name attribute will be posted as the key, you may wonder why the $_POST[‘test] value doesn’t appear to work in some browsers.

    This isn’t necessarily PHP’s fault, but it is a “gotcha” and an example where browsers appear to be handling PHP differently.

    So you can’t say that all browsers handle server-side technologies the same. In ASP.NET, you also have to worry about what headers get sent by the browser, which can affect how .NET modifies the HTML before sending it.

  • Junaid Qadir

    ON “Tips for designers working with developers.”
    I would like to comment, because I have to deal with psds a lot.
    As I developer, I want to be handed over a PSD which is organized. By organized I mean related design elements be grouped and named accordingly, on top of that. I want all the fonts used in that PSD. along with the PSD itself. Layers should be named properly.

  • Cross-browser PHP issue example: sometimes without an exit(); after a header(); older versions of IE will have an issue with the redirect.

  • Zach

    Who wouldn’t watch Vampire Diaries in their hotel? Love that show!

  • Wow guys, thanks so much for your Polygon props! We worked our butts off.

  • Hey guys, thanks for all the Polygon love. I’ve implemented the pointer-events change you suggested, as well as wiping out that weird percent font style business. Those will go out in our next deploy. Thanks for the tips!

  • chriscoyier

    Super relevant brand new post by the creator of Prototype, Sam Sephenson ::

  • Josiah Spence

    The fellow who had problems with icon fonts not showing in some browsers is not alone. I have had similar problems in the latest release of Chrome. Stranger still, the problem is intermittent. In fact, I am usually unable to view the icons on this very site…

  • Nice information, thanks pal

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