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No guests, No drama. Just all question on answer action! We talk about (roughly in order):

  • (1:22) On a site where WordPress is overkill but you need a blog, what do you use?
  • (6:53) Can you @font-face fonts that come on your Mac?
  • (12:11) How do you deal with sorting a responsive data table?
  • (17:32) How do we stay motivated?
  • (22:43) How do you implement responsive images in WordPress?
  • (28:53) What is the best way to load checkbox states from a database in an Ajax-y app?
  • (33:22) Why are we polyfilling media queries for IE 8 and below?
  • (36:55) Is there a way get Sass to output all media queries at the end of the document rather than peppered througout?
  • RT:”Why are we polyfilling media queries for IE 8 and below?”
    Listening to this waaay after the fact, but just to note, IE8 stylesheets are still the norm for my responsive Website builds only because I build Mobile first and I don’t want to serve the mobile version to IE8 users.