022: With Jessica Hische

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This we were joined by Jessica Hische, a prolific and talented letterer (listen in to find out what that term means specifically) living in San Francisco. She’s also a darn good web designer and creator of many hilarious and useful side projects. We talk about (roughly in order):

Introduction n’ Hot Links

  • Interlink
  • What lettering is and how it fits into the typography world.
  • Moonrise Kingdom (has Jessica’s lettering work in it)
  • Chris is doing two big new things: CodePen and a Kickstarter.
  • Southstreet – collection of fancy tools by Filament Group to help with cross-device web design
  • CSS variables landing in WebKit
  • PayPal’s thin re-design

Q & A

  • Working with a small team of folks and feeling like you only do the easy stuff.
  • Pricing for clients (Should I work for free?)
  • Tricks for better font rendering on Windows (see this, picking a that is of high quality, webtype)
  • What are the easiest letters to get started illustrating? (and a fancy word you can start with).
  • How do you make colors look good on all monitors?
  • Should you go through with an $80k design and development degree if you already have a job?
  • How do you deal with non-paying clients?


Thanks to Environments for Humans for their ongoing sponsorship! Upcoming conferences include the CSS Summit where both Chris and Dave will be speaking and InControl Hawaii where Chris and Dave will also be, and Jessica is keynoting!

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