020: With Mat Marquis

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This week we were joined by Mat “Wilto” Marquis. He’s now a full timer at Filament group in Boston who, while doing client work (like The Boston Globe, have you heard of it?), have done some amazing open source work for the modern web (e.g. major contributions to jQuery UI and Mobile). Mat chair’s the Responsive Images Community Group and has been front in center in the work (or shall we say, #hotdrama) toward dealing with responsive images in web design. We talk about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • What up with Filament’s Enhance.js (new beterness coming!)
  • Can we as authors just choose not to use features we don’t like?
  • Is the RICG (the so-called “picture pushing club”) lazy? (Hint: no. Here’s a link to a recent compromise).
  • Should designers now be making all sites responsive? And thus prices going up?
  • How does a business like Wade’s Tree Service get decent SEO and avoid shady over-promising services?
  • Can we improve the aesthetics of websites during the loading process?
  • What up with Opera Mini?
  • What is / should we always be using Progressive JPGs?
  • Resources for staying on top of responsive web design: @RWD, @brad_frost


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