012: With Trent Walton and Reagan Ray

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This week we were joined by Trent Walton and Reagan Ray, who together with our very own Dave complete the Paravel triforce down in Austin, Texas. We talked about (roughly in order):


Q & A

  • Has Paravel ever done any products, in addition to client work? Goodfoot is one example, but closing of Gowalla doesn’t bode well for it. Also side projects like The Many Faces Of…
  • What CMS does Trent use and how does he do custom art direction (art direction plugin, Dave’s better fork of that)
  • Dealing with client requests that are beyond the skills of the team
  • Using HTML5 and CSS3 in real client work
  • The domain stealing saga, and the tragedy that is SohTanaka.com
  • Is it best to specialize? What about as a team member vs trying to get hired?
  • Growing in revenue and project quality without growing team size
  • How to bundle HTML email in with client services
  • Topics for a graduate thesis related to the web industry


  • LessMoney – A Conference in Tampa, FL on July 7th all about building a better business. As in, one that makes more money and is less stressful to run.

… which runs back to back with …

  • Front-End Design Conference – a two-day one-track conference about all things front-end web in St. Petersburg, FL (sister cities with Tampa) on July 8th and 9th.

More Paravel

@raygunray / reaganray.com
@trentwalton / trentwalton.com

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