008: With Schmitt, Enns, and McFarland

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This week we were joined by Christopher Schmitt, Chris Enns (TRIPLE CHRIS SHOW!), and Dave McFarland. These are the fellas behind the new podcast The Non-Breaking Space Show. Watch their site, as we joined them immediately afterward to record an episode of their show (CROSSOVER SHOW!). We talk about (roughly in order)…


  • We’ll be at SXSW. Follow @ShopTalkShow, we might have an impromptu meetup or something.
  • Nathaniel Higgins had a neat idea for tracking how often your page gets printed.


  • Roundtable on our preferred text editors, paid and free.
  • Can you get and display information from an RSS feed completely with JavaScript?
  • How to create a two column layout with a fixed left sidebar and a fluid right side main content area.
  • A bookmarklet on removing deprecated attributes, and how to promote yourself without being annoying.
  • How to write semantic HTML for a poem.
  • Will there be another dotcom bubble?
  • What TV shows are we?
  • What CMS would we choose if we could only choose one?
  • What homepage do we set our browsers to?

A full set of excellent sponsors this week!

  • Hover – Use that link and get 10% any order. Hover is the best place to buy domain names.
  • LessMoney – A conference in Tampa, FL on June 7th all about making more money.

More about the Non-Breaking Space fellas:

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