At ShopTalk all of our shows are our favorite, but some get listened to more than others. We thought it’d be nice to share our BEST OF 2015 list if you’re new to the show and want to catch up.

161: with Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer, CSS pioneer, stopped by the show to talk honestly with us about how a tragic event changed the way he views websites and challenges the way we design websites to be more tolerant of people in crisis.

159: with Addy Osmani

Addy works at Google and is responsible for some of the tools that you use in your web workflow each day. He is a constant educator on performance and tooling.

185: This Idea Must Die

We asked a handful of people about long-held ideas in web design that we possibly need to give up in order to achieve progress.

153: with Mark Otto

Mark Otto is co-creator of a little thing you might have heard of… Bootstrap. We asked what it’s like maintaining such a large well known project as well as how he deals with haters.

180: Panel on “Inline Styles”

Possibly the hottest drama of 2015, CSS is dead; Use React Inline Styles. We sat down with Colin Megill, Jed Schmidt, Nicole Sullivan, and Jeremy Keith to discuss this molten hot drama.

150: Vitaly Friedman

The Editor of Smashing Magazine, Vitaly Friedman stopped by to talk about building an industry standard publication.

186: #davegoeswindows

Dave switched to Windows so that we can talk about it on the podcast. Chris asks Dave about the transition, almost a month in progress.

162: Rapidfire 42

A quality Rapidfire, but also where we first discussed the idea of #davegoeswindows.

152: with Dan Denny

Who doesn’t love Dan Denny?! Dan started Front End Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida and also works at CodeSchool and is proficient in HTML emails.

156: with Anna Debenham

Anna shares some of her opinions about crafting good style guides, freelancing, and building websites that work in handheld video game console browsers.