619: Svencodes

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Sven Neumann aka Sven Codes talks with us about SudokuPad, developing a cross-platform app, integrating new puzzles and features, the benefits of being easy to use, building a community, and monetizing an app while not upsetting your user base.



Sven Neumann

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Creator of Sven's SudokuPad.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:37 Introducing Sven Neumann
  • 03:19 How did you connect with Cracking the Cryptic?
  • 12:45 What is SudokuPad?
  • 16:02 Why is the pen tool off by default?
  • 20:51 Overview of how the app works
  • 32:33 The future of SudokuPad
  • 45:14 Sudoku variants and popularity
  • 54:29 Ease of use is a huge benefit
  • 01:01 How do you support new puzzle formats?

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