580: Chen Hui Jing and the State of CSS Survey for 2023

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We're talking the State of CSS Survey, 2023 Edition, with Chen Hui Jing. What was it like helping develop the survey? A bit of follow up on regions, the benefits of being able to tell the browser what you want, language issues in developing and understanding CSS, the struggle for non-majority users, CSS frameworks, and more.



Chen Hui Jing

Chen Hui Jing

Web · Social

A self-taught designer and developer.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:22 Welcome
  • 01:10 Guest introduction
  • 03:43 What was it like helping craft the state of CSS survey?
  • 10:52 Follow up about regions
  • 13:28 Being able to tell the browser what you want
  • 16:16 Language specifics in CSS
  • 23:09 Are non-majority users used to settling?
  • 26:13 Sponsor: Notion
  • 27:52 Any surprises in features people are using or not using?
  • 36:04 Has the interop project impacted CSS awareness?
  • 40:08 Color spectrum usage
  • 42:17 Reading list
  • 44:42 Less interest in CSS frameworks
  • 50:26 Dave finds a massive mistake
  • 52:22 Final observations on the state of CSS survey

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