558: Esoteric Weird Content Editable Problems with Kristin Valentine

Kristin Valentine from Vox joins the show to talk about text editor CMS fun across multiple sites, Vox's Chorus, The Verge redesign, sharing Design Systems, theming articles, and a fun new game called "Can Your Text Editor Do This??"



Kristin Valentine

Kristin Valentine

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Engineer at
Vox Media Product.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:49 Guest introduction
  • 01:44 Picking a text editor CMS
  • 10:12 Why does Vox use Chorus?
  • 12:45 Setting up Chorus as a Saas
  • 14:09 The Verge redesign
  • 17:01 How can sites share Design Systems, with different feels?
  • 22:41 Sponsor: Frontend Masters
  • 23:51 How does The Verge tackle themes?
  • 29:59 Are articles cached?
  • 30:55 Rewriting the Quill editor
  • 38:43 When do you start over in a new tool?
  • 43:51 Are you front of the front or back of the front?
  • 46:30 Can Quill do...

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