533: Bastian Allgeier from Kirby CMS

Bastian Allgeier, creator of the popular CMS Kirby, talks with us about what Kirby is, why Kirby uses flat files, the whole SSG vs flat debate, the $20B Sigma shaped elephant in the room, running Kirby on the edge, how Kirby handles support and licensing, and what kinds of sites use Kirby?




Bastian Allgeier

Bastian Allgeier

Web // Twitter

Designer + developer, creator of Kirby.

Time Jump Links

  • 00:56 Guest introduction
  • 02:15 What is Kirby?
  • 07:37 Why flat files?
  • 10:41 SSG vs Flat File
  • 14:33 The $20B elephant in the room
  • 18:16 Any plans to run Kirby on edge computing
  • 20:07 PHP and Caching
  • 23:22 Any hardware spec requirements for Kirby?
  • 26:18 Sponsor: Split Software
  • 28:01 What are people using Kirby for?
  • 34:39 What is in a flat file system?
  • 41:38 Example of setting up a blog post
  • 46:38 How is the GitHub integration?
  • 49:59 How do handle support and licensing?
  • 53:13 How should people pitch Kirby?
  • 55:12 Shared elements API

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