530: Keaton Taylor on Product Design, Career Paths, and DadTalk Show

Keaton Taylor is a product designer at Discord and stopped by the show to talk about getting distracted by new dev toys, spoons as the best worst analogy, Wichita as the new Portland, working at Discord, and the interesting career paths for developers and designers in 2022.


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Keaton Taylor

Keaton Taylor

Web // Twitter

Keaton is a product designer who loves to dabble in front-end code. Currently, he's designing for the future of communities at Discord.

Time Jump Links

  • 01:18 Guest introduction
  • 03:46 Transitioning from new dev to experienced dev
  • 05:23 Spoons as the best worst analogy
  • 09:31 Wichita as the new Portland
  • 10:52 Working at Discord
  • 12:45 Discord Nitro
  • 18:23 Why buy a company?
  • 21:15 Sponsor: Notion
  • 23:04 Working as a product designer
  • 26:54 Flexbox vs Grid
  • 28:08 Developer vs designer
  • 32:44 How do you think about rework?
  • 40:48 Sponsor: Deque
  • 42:16 How is CodePen thinking about user feedback?
  • 47:41 Developer career paths
  • 55:25 DadTalk Show

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