518: WebPageTest Improvements, Shopify Hydrogen, and is .CSS a Bad Idea?

WebPageTest adds Opportunities and Experiments, but is it worth it? Shopify announces Hydrogen, a framework for dynamic commerce, is .CSS a bad idea? And using the new INP metric.


Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert in silly sunglasses and a sign that says Shawp Tawlkk Shough DOT COM

Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

This episode is with just Chris & Dave, ShopTalk Show's hosts. Chris is the co-founder of CodePen and creator of CSS-Tricks, and Dave is lead developer at Paravel.

Time Jump Links

  • 01:03 Opportunities and Experiments on WebPagetest
  • 13:01 Sponsor: Stack Overflow
  • 13:49 Getting bang for your bucks with tooling
  • 15:59 Shopify Hydrogen
  • 24:52 Is .CSS a bad idea?
  • 35:52 Sponsor: Notion
  • 38:39 INP in Frameworks

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