Episode 321

WordPress, Jetpack, and Steve

Dave and Chris are joined by Michael Arestad to talk about WordPress, Jetpack, and answer your WordPress related questions about building apps with WordPress, back-end devs doing front-end dev jobs, and adding filtered searches to custom queries.

Michael Arestad

Web // Twitter

Box model at Automattic, Open sourcerer, WordPress experience adjuster, Sass Emoji Optimization expert

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  • 1:30 Guest introduction
  • 8:50 Display run in bug
  • 11:35 How does an issue get triaged through a large company like Automattic?
  • 18:30 Sponsored by FITC Web Unleashed
  • 19:50 The business of WordPress is clearer now in 2018.
  • 24:30 What's the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • 29:00 What can you do with WordPress.com now?
  • 31:50 Dave troubleshoots his parody blog.
  • 33:00 What is something people don't know about WordPress or Jetpack?
  • 40:00 I work for an agency that receives a lot of requests for WordPress sites. However, the problem is that these requests go beyond the scope of WordPress in my opinion. What should I do?
  • 47:35 Why do people think that back-end developers can do the job of a front-end developer?
  • 50:40 What's the best way to add filtered searches to custom queries in WordPress?

Job Mentions

🔗 Frontend Developer at Rotate

You’ll be working alongside developers and designers on a broad range of digital projects, as well as liaising with clients on technical consultations.

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