302: React Drama with Michael Jackson

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We're joined by Michael Jackson, co-founder of React Training and creator of unpkg, to talk about some of the drama in the JavaScript world on the internet lately. We cover Dan Abramov's beyond React talk, Context and Suspense API, whether View Source matters, React Native Web, and of course Mootools.


Michael Jackson

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  • 3:00 Guest introduction
  • 5:45 Dan Abramov beyond react talk.
  • 15:00 New Context API
  • 22:20 The Suspense API
  • 23:19 How much does view source matter drama.
  • 33:15 React Native
  • 43:30 What do you get for styling with React Native Web?
  • 46:29 Big APIs aren't always awesome.
  • 48:35 Mootools vs jQuery
  • 59:59 Cunningham's Law at practice
  • 1:01:00 JSDom
  • 1:05:11 Our banking system is held together by CodePen