173: With Andy Budd

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Andy Budd is a User Experience Designer and partner at Clear Left in Brighton, England.

He joins us to talk progressive enhancement, Safari #hotdrama, Dave's new web app, and more.



Andy Budd

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Andy is a UX designer and partner at Clearleft.

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  • 11:12 Safari is the new IE
  • 24:07 Progressive Enhancement: Thriving in Unpredictability by Tim Kadlec
  • 47:57 I am the team leader for the front-end team. I have some great developers that work with me, but sometimes I have a hard time conveying the fact that sometimes we have to do stuff on our websites that we don't like to please the client. For example, the classic example where a client that wants to make sure everything works in IE9. How can I help my developers understand that we have to slowly educate the client, but in the end the client writes the check?
  • 56:27 I have two questions for you. I was recently let go from an enterprise-level company and was not given a reason why. It took me by surprise and I’ve not been able to get an explanation despite asking multiple times and from different people in the organization. I’m having trouble finding the words to explain why I was let go to potential employers. Any advice as to what to say in interviews when the question comes up? My other question is addressing something that a recent potential employer called out. They said they normally wouldn’t consider me because I’ve not been with a job for more than about a year and that that’s a “red flag”. Is this a “red flag” with a lot of employers? Should I address this and if so, how?