153: With Mark Otto

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Mark Otto is the creator of of Bootstrap. He currently designs at GitHub, and previously worked at Twitter.

Mark shared the origin story of Bootstrap and why there are so many websites made with it. We also discussed some of the other frameworks, Flexbox, and more.



Mark Otto

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Mark is the creator of Bootstrap and director of design at Github.

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  • 28:27 When you're building a responsive layout, do you use only one version of HTML markup and use CSS media queries to get the rest of the job done? Or do you you use javascript or other libraries to move HTML elements around to achieve different layouts?
  • 32:33 I am using Angular JS to build a web site and am looking for good libraries to "pretty it up". Would you recommend Bootstrap, Angular UI, JQuery UI, or is there something else I should be looking at?
  • 38:20 Any plans of adding Flexbox to Bootstrap?
  • 42:59 There is no debate that the table element and its children in HTML are not appropriate for layout design for many reasons, the most significant being semantics. However, has the jury decided the merits of using display: table, table-cell, etc. in CSS to provide layout for HTML elements?
  • 46:29 Are there any ways to reduce the size of jQuery?
  • 54:40 I'm building a gallery webpage with sorting. I’m going to have a lot of images (thousands) and I obviously don't want it to take forever to load. What is the best way to design this that will run efficiently? Ajax?
  • 57:42 Is there a reason that Google Fonts use HTTP rather than HTTPS?