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Rapidfire 36

This week it's another RAPID-FIRE!!! Nothing but hot question and action action!


With Ian Feather

This week we were joined by Ian Feather. Ian is the Client Side Technical Lead at Lonely Planet.


With Katie Kovalcin

This week we were joined by Katie Kovalcin. Katie is a designer at Happy Cog in Austin and teaches at Girl Develop It.


With Emily Dunkle

This week we were joined by Emily Dunkle. Emily is a UI & UX Designer from Massachusetts. She believes in semantic markup, design of all kinds, and a good old-fashioned legal pad.


With Noah Stokes

This week we were joined by Noah Stokes, founder and partner of Bold (a web design studio) as well as a designer and front end coder with the best of them. Noah is also a professional newscaster, blogger', and speaker. We talked about (roughly in order):